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Portugal is a country located in the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal controls 19 regions; 7 of them historic, 6 conquered from Venezuela and 6 conquered from Spain.

Portugal has 872 citizens and is the 18th more populous country of 74. The current president is Ancestral and the Congress is almost completely controlled (19 seats) by "Partido Liberal Português" (portuguese liberal party).

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  • Partido Liberal Português: 207 members, 5 presidential ellections won (100%), 75 elected congressmen (86,2%)
  • Partido Democrático: 11 members, 2 elected congressmen (2,3%)
  • Make Portugal Great Again: 9 members, 10 elected congressmen (11,5%)

List of Portuguese Presidents: Edit

  • Goncas, supported by the admins (01/16)- impeachment
  • Duque de Saldanha, supported by PLP (interin president- 01/16)(02/16)
  • Fibonnaci, supported by PLP (03/16, 04/16 and 05/16)
  • Ancestral, supported by PLP (06/16)

List of Congress members Edit

02/16 Edit

  • Partido Liberal Português: 9 congressmen (supernova, fibonnaci, Sucateir0, nunopeb1, tanishq, TugaWolf, Last Lynx Pardinus, Steelsoul and joao)- 100%

03/16 Edit

  • Partido Liberal Português: 14 congressmen (HaciendaBaby, Ancestral, Last Lynx Pardinus, Sucateir0, tr0mbudinha, tim21, Duque de Saldanha, nunopeb1, DiaLana, lfilipe16, Cesarfct, Solucoes, CrazyBastard and azuresun)- 77,77%
  • Make Portugal Great Again: 4 congressmen (MiguelFromPortugal, O Boss Do Fim, henriquepor and PiscoSoares)- 22,22%

04/16 Edit

  • Partido Liberal Português: 16 congressmen (Ancestral, Last Lynx Pardinus, HaciendaBaby, tr0mbudinha, Sucateir0, frgdmn,Solucoes, Alessandra, Poderoso, safewai, Granikus, DiaLana, Cesarfct, LPcrouch, Espacialis and Paulo Pinto)- 80%
  • Partido Democrático: 2 congressmen (csc11 and nunopeb1)- 10%
  • Make Portugal Great Again: 2 congressmen (MiguelFromPortugal and henriquepor)- 10%

05/16 Edit

  • Partido Liberal Português: 17 congressmen (Ancestral, AjkeN, frgdmn, Sucateir0, Granikus, Solucoes, garfld, HaciendaBaby, tr0mbudinha, RDewulf, John Demare, RuiMag, DiaLana, Alessandra, tottaephixe, lucaf and azuresun)- 85%
  • Make Portugal Great Again: 3 congressmen (MiguelFromPortugal, O Boss Do Fim and Flow PT)- 15%

06/16 Edit

  • Partido Liberal Português: 19 congressmen (AjkeN, Fibonnacci, Poderoso, Chickerino, Johnnydoe, Granikus, frgdmn, Alessandra, RuiMag, MarteLuso, DiaLana, John Demare, tottaephixe, Sucateir0, Solucoes, tr0mbudinha, gonmsousa, Minhoto and HaciendaBaby)- 95%
  • Make Portugal Great Again: 1 congressman (henriquepor)- 5%